Taxing My Growler? YOU BASTARDS.

growler 1In their infinite stupidity, the government of BC has decided it’s time to crack down on the growing popularity of Growlers for beer.

Now they’re slapping additional taxes on it, meaning your $10 growler will ring in at over $12.

Apparently they’re claiming it’s “packaged for consumption off-site” by the consumer, and that’s why it’s ALL SO BAD that more sin taxes are needed.

Anyone living in Victoria has seen folks stumbling out of breweries under the weight of these massive beery jugs, so we know it’s a part of the local community. Just since November, a few brew sources here in town have extended their growler-filling hours, adding to local employment ‘cos it’s front-of-house staff doing it. Growler-filling days are practically a social event at the breweries. You can meet so many hopheads when you’re in there picking out the refill for the day.

All I want to ask is, where the hell is the beer drinker’s carbon offset reward?


Carbon offset for BEER? Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

Okay, the mighty growler, what does it do for the environment? A LOT, actually.

Your average beer bottle gets “recycled,” which a lot of people mistakenly thinks means melted down and remade into glass. That may one day happen, but the average beer bottle gets sold in the store, returned to the store, packaged at a warehouse place, then shipped out to breweries who use that make/model of beer bottle. Estimated average re-use for each beer bottle? 8-10 times.

Now think of all that that entails:

  • Processed on an assembly line that’s using electricity and other resources non-stop.
  • Filled.
  • Labelled.
  • Put in boxes.
  • Put on a vehicle with a forklift.
  • Driven to a store.
  • Processed as inventory in computers.
  • Sold on shelves, rung in at an electric till.
  • Taken home. Drank.
  • Returned to the store.
  • Packaged up.
  • Shipped to beer bottle heaven.
  • Shipped to brewery.
  • Cleaned, sterilized, and the lifecycle begins again.

NONE OF WHICH occurs with a growler. NONE OF THAT HAPPENS.

I repeat: No fossil fuels burned in transport. No assembly lines used in production. No limited life of 8-10 refills.

This one's for the assholes who decided growlers are a "packaged beer product." Sit and spin, buddies.

This one’s for the assholes who decided growlers are a “packaged beer product.” Sit and spin, buddies.

So how in the hell is this a “packaged beer product,” LDBBC? Because, to my thinking, it’s not.

I wash my growler out myself. I put it in my bike bag. I cycle to my chosen brewery. I chat with the wonderful staff. I buy my beer. I cycle home. I rinse, I repeat.

There’s no trucks, no paper products, no packaging, no warehouses, nothing. A beer is put into a keg and then piped into my bottle, all on the same property that beer was born. Some back-aching brewery dude just rolled that shit to the counter, stuck a line in it, and sold it to me.

It’s not a lot of money they’re adding to the tax, I know. But like ANYTHING in life, this is about the principle. It’s about the ethic. And it’s about the little people.

You know who sells the most growlers? Small upstart breweries. The independent guys.

For a government that claims it’s all about the environment AND small business, they’re doing a great job of fucking over BOTH at the same time with this growler tax. Well played, asshats.

One response to “Taxing My Growler? YOU BASTARDS.

  1. Clearly the BC Liberals are hypocrites – championing small business while driving it into the ground with onerous taxes while they give big tax breaks to corporations.

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