My Week in Photos: A Victorian Lifestyle

I thought maybe a great way to present the way I see life in Victoria, since I work at home and get to have a very self-directed life, would be sharing a recap in photos now and then of what I might get up to during an average week. I doubt I’ll do this weekly, but once in a while, sure.

Right now, I’m in a watching-my-pennies and getting-fit phase, so I’m not really going out a lot beyond being active, because the rest of the time I’m either trying to earn money or not spend it, since I’m looking to move to a wonderful as-yet-unknown new apartment some time this year.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to have a nice life in the present. There are lots of great local merchant foodie shops for me to cook amazing things while still being on a reasonable budget, and incredible outdoor places for me to enjoy a change of scenery after a day of working at home. These add up to “everyday quality of life” in my books.

So this is my frugal-ass get-fit my-life-is-so-boring week I spent fairly close to home:

On Sunday…

I went cycling along the ocean and found myself on the edge of Oak Bay. Here’s where I took a seat.

One of the Cape Cod chairs overlooking Trial Island in Oak Bay.

One of the Cape Cod chairs overlooking Trial Island in Oak Bay.

Midway into my 90 minutes of cycling, I decided to have some pizza at the much-loved Neapolitan pizza gods, Pizzeria Prima Strada, and I had myself a glass of Nero d’Avola wine and a Pizza Diavola in their Cook Street Village location. After tip and taxes, my very-continental afternoon cost me just over $24.

The Pizza Diavola — salami, red onions, fresh mozza, and a whole lot of happy. One does not eat the Diavola without the chili pepper oil.

On Monday…

I worked and worked and worked and worked and then I decided I had to take a break and go cycling, and that’s where I got reminded to Breathe at Gonzales Beach.


On Tuesday and Wednesday…

I had two work-heavy days, followed by fitness in the evening. On Wednesday, I bought home takeout from the Noodle Box and drank some Driftwood, like any Victorian could.

On Thursday…

I got through my workday and found some soul time on the beach. An elderly Asian man finished a day of picking seaweed as a foodsource from the rocky foreshore along Dallas Road’s Holland Point Beach.


An elderly Asian man finishes a day of collecting seaweed as a foodsource from the rocky foreshore.

Then he left and the sun disappeared behind clouds, meaning this was all the sunset I’d get tonight. It doesn’t take a lot to enjoy the beach. You go there, you sit, you look, you be. That’s all it takes. If you need more, then it’s not the beach life for you. For me, moments like this are plenty.

That’s a massive boulder. I want to learn the native legends about how these large rocks came to be found dotted along this former Native stronghold for the Songhees.

On Friday…

Running an errand in Cook Street Village at lunchtime, I was thrilled to find La Taquisa’s Taco Stand open again for the season. I ordered a chicken burrito to go. It’s a Tex-Mex style burrito with rice, beans, stewed meats, veggies, salsa, and if you want it, guac and sour cream. Quite good stuff. But why eat in the courtyard when you’re 6 or 7 blocks from this?


La Taquisa’s burrito will set you back about $8. It’s a food-coma to go. Get some!

While I was there, this imposing life-on-the-road goth-rock man and his girlfriend came out for a view. They were funny and friendly, and I loved their silhouettes against the oddly contrasting scenery.

An endangered species enjoying their unnatural surroundings. Dallas Road waterfront.

An endangered species enjoying their unnatural surroundings. Dallas Road waterfront.

After I left here, I discovered native burial cairns I have looked for during the last two months, which left me overjoyed. I went home for more work, and escaped just in time to make my way back to the beach for the sunset and found this little balancing act to remind me of yet another important lesson, that balance is an artform.

Balance on Dallas Road. It’s not an illusion, just difficult to master. Lessons from Nature 101.

On Saturday…

After going out for breakfast for pancakes at Willie’s, with a review to come later this week, I found myself shopping at one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets, the Mexican House of Spice, which I’ll also be telling you about later this week.

Then I capped off a day of cycling around downtown Victoria with a tasting of the new yummy Indian Dark Ale from Vancouver Island Brewing, Absolute Darkness. I took the free (just for that day) brewery tour and happily indulged in a taster or four of the Absolute Darkness.


Men at work, dispensing beer, a noble calling.

In between all that, I did a lot of cooking, working, yoga, Tai Chi, shopping, and resting. Now it’s Sunday and I’m recharging at home so I can do it all again this week.

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